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Golden Cocktail Facial™
State of the art microneedling system designed to effectively
deliver active ingredients into the skin.
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Golden Cocktail Facial™


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Golden Cocktail Facial™
Golden Cocktail Facial™
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Love this product. I purchased this during Covid as it had been almost a year withot a facial. Very easy to use. After the second treatment, I saw a difference in my pore size and my skin looked refreshed.


This is defintiely one of the more advanced treatments I have ever purchased. I thought the microneedling device would hurt a bit, but there was no pain. I love the plant based serum and the way this system works!


I take care of my skin and get treatments every month or 2. I was looking for something more advanced than the typical tools I saw on the market. I have not seen anything like this and took the plunge. Noticed a difference after the first treatment. Was a bit red to begin. I have sensitive skin and only use it once a week even though they recommend 2x per week.

Michelle R.
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