The Golden Cocktail Facial™ stimulates collagen, improves fine lines and texture, and minimizes pore size.

The Golden Cocktail Facial™ appropriate for all skin tones and types. It should not be used on someone with active acne.

We recommend 2x per week to achieve optimal results. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend once per week.

Our plant based stem cell cocktail is derived from Ginseng, Lotus, and KIOM-MA 128 (A combination of 19 fermented Korean herbal ingredients with multiple benefits).

As you press the microneedling device on your face/neck, it releases the cocktail serum into the dermis. It may take 5 or 6 taps before the cocktail starts to release.

Yes, the Golden Cocktail Facial™ can help to even out skin tone.

The clinical version uses longer needles and can only be administered via a medical professional. The clinical version can also be customized to include a cocktail made up of Botox, fillers, growth factors and other ingredients.

Although the cocktail is natural, we haven’t tested it for pregnancy yet.

No, the treatment at home does not hurt and there is no downtime.

We currently offer 8 treatments. The microneedling device should be discoed after you have used all 8 cocktail serums.